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  Born and raised in New York, at the age of two she started dancing and became involved in competitive dance, a few years later in High School she was on the Color Guard and Winter Guard team, performance and movement was her passion.  However, her Senior year in high School after some time of not feeling right she was eventually diagnosed with Lyme's disease.  With Lyme's she experienced daily migraines, severe aches and pains, extreme numbness,weakness, forgetfulness and fatigue, within time her body would no longer allow her to be active or attend school.  Through months of medication and bed rest she was able to slowly get back into the things she enjoyed and eventually obtained her GED.  Feeling better Christina decided to attend Community College and became involved with dance again, but Lymes had taking a toll on her body as the symptoms would still make their presence, she knew she would have to pursue other dreams...  
      After obtaining her Associates Degree she was still unsure and unsatisfied with her career path.  An opportunity to move to Flagstaff, Arizona came and she left NY to get a fresh start.  There she came across Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College.  After looking into what being a Massage Therapist entailed and all the benefits of massage, the idea was appealing as it involved knowing the body, helping people that were not feeling their best, and movement.  She enrolled a couple months later and ended up loving it and graduating with a 4.0 in 2004.
     Looking back she wishes she had known of massage therapy when she was sick as she strongly believes in trying natural ways of healing the body first.  Now she feels lucky to reach out and help and educate others achieve a healthier life.  Christina can easily relate to what it feels like to live with discomfort.  She also understands the body and importance of being healthy. It is her goal to make others feel their best through massage and be aware of their body and listen when it feels out of balance.  So while massage is of course not dance, in some ways she see's it as another form of dance, as it is flowing movement set to music to help the body, mind and spirit feel good...
     Christina moved to Charlotte, NC in the summer of 2006 and has been helping the well-being of her clients ever since.  She has experience and knowledge in different types of Bodywork including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, Reiki, Bamboo Fusion Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Marble Cold Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Technique,  Reflexology and Body Treatments.
     She wishes everyone would realize the importance and significance of massage therapy and the value it can add to ones life.  Massage therapist contribute to really helping people and in some cases saving them from having surgeries and taking medications.  All of that being said being a Licensed Massage Therapist has also added value, importance and significance to her life, as it is one of the best feelings to know every day that you go to "work" you are helping people to feel better and improve their quality of life.  To help her clients and see their improvements and results is extremely rewarding. She looks forward to helping you and giving you the chance to feel better, whether it's relaxation, restoration, rejuvenation or rehabilitation your looking for, Christina will do her best  to help you achieve your best results with genuine care and kindness.

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